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Microsoft’s redesigned, rechargeable Elite Series 2 controller launches November 4

The best PC controller just got better. A new version of the Elite controller was shown off on-stage at E3's Xbox conference

Microsoft has just announced the new Elite Series 2 Xbox controller during its E3 conference, a follow-up to our favourite, and all-time great PC gaming controller: the Elite. Now the high-end controller comes fitted with a rechargeable battery, adjustable thumb sticks, and a new grip.

The new Elite controller, the series 2, was heavily rumoured for last year’s E3, but it ended up being a no-show. Little would we know we would only have to wait twelve more months for the updated design. The headline feature with the new controller, for me at least, will be the 40 hours per charge. Yes, that means no more fiddling about with batteries or Play and Charge kits – the updated controller comes fitted with a rechargeable battery and detachable charge dock so you no longer have to steal them out of your TV remote.

It’s also kitted out with the same host of customisation options as the last, such as adjustable triggers, profiles, and more. However, there have been some improvements thanks to Microsoft’s redesign and engineering efforts. One such tweak is the adjustable thumb stick design, which will allow you to change the depth of the controller’s analogue control to your own taste or what’s best suited for your game of choice.

The on-board profiles have also increased from two to three with the latest design – a welcome change for those of you with wildly varied gaming libraries… or just a little obsessive over the details.

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 The triggers have also been redesigned, and the controller will come with a new textured grip area to keep the controller from slipping out of your hands when your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy… sorry.

The Microsoft Elite Series 2 controller will launch on November 4 in 24 countries for $179.99 (£159.99), but you can pre-order from the Microsoft Store now.

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