Internet Explorer bows out of the browser game this summer

It's finally time to say goodbye to Internet Explorer, as Microsoft will remove the browser from versions of Windows 10 starting June

Microsoft Internet Explorer discontinued: Browser logo on grave stone

Internet Explorer’s retirement has been a long time coming, but Microsoft warns it’s finally time to say goodbye to its longstanding browser. While the software isn’t a part of the Windows 11 arsenal of apps, it’ll soon cease to exist on most versions of Windows 10 and will be subsequently eradicated from every iteration of the operating system soon after.

According to a fresh wave of notices issued to Windows 10 users, Internet Explorer will first be removed from newer builds of the OS in June. If you like to avoid Windows updates, you might find that the browser will exist for a little longer, but it’s safe to say the software is ready to be properly consigned to history.

Microsoft Edge has been patiently waiting at the sidelines to replace Internet Explorer since its 2015 debut, and it’ll start properly filling in for its elder shortly. As a result, legacy IE shortcuts should launch the new Chromium-based browser, something that could come as a shock if you’re not used to the newcomer’s cleaner aesthetic.

If you’re a gaming PC enthusiast, you’ve likely not launched Microsoft’s doorway to the net in a very long time. In a blog post last year, The company also covered its intentions to discontinue Internet Explorer in the blog post last year, so the fact it’s ready to finally kick the bucket might not be too much of a surprise.

Microsoft is evidently looking to the future with Windows 11, and its popularity as a gaming platform is growing. New features like its DirectStorage API are undeniable boon, but the tech giant is also experimenting with quirks like Windows File Explorer banner ads, alongside an unsupported hardware watermark that occupies the bottom right corner of your display if you use installation workarounds.