Australian Steam store quietly removes “Australia Tax” from Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

If you live in Australia, you surely winced when Steam arbitrarily increased the price of Monolith’s latest romp around Tolkien’s fantasy: Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. It had over $20 slapped onto the price, bringing it from an acceptable $49.99 to $71.99 AUD. Yuck.

Well I have some good news. Today, the Australian Steam store quietly reverted this unwarranted price hike. The evil has been vanquished. Well, it’s good news for you if you’re yet to buy it that is, as the people who put up with the more hefty price are probably stuck with that decision.

It’s not only Shadow of Mordor which has been affected by this sudden price hike: Civilization: Beyond Earth also saw a massive $40 AUD increase overnight with no explanation, sitting at a cringe worthy $89.99 AUD.

It’s been common practice for most folk to preorder a game as soon as it’s released, before the hike is inflicted. However, with Shadow of Mordor now returning to some sense of normality, the question begs: what happens to the folk who paid the more meaty price?

Likely nothing. While it’s certainly great that Shadow of Mordor is now in line with the rest of the world, you’re certainly better off being extra cautious when pre-ordering something from Steam, or just ordering elsewhere altogether.

Lets just hope this isn’t some clerical error.

Cheers Games.On.Net!