Escalation: Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor requires 6GB of VRAM for “Ultra” textures

Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor 6GB VRAM

Blimey. First Bethesda’s fright fest, The Evil Within, announces some hefty VRAM requirements – wanting 4GBs of the stuff. Now, Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor is just being greedy: demanding you throw 6GB of video memory into Mount Doom, just to run the game with “Ultra” textures.

Unless you’ve got a GTX Titan, a 6GB GTX 780 or one of those AMD Sapphire HD cards, you might be in some trouble when pumping Mordor to its maximum.

The image of the video settings posted to NeoGaf show a plethora of PC graphics options. There’s definitely more than your average multi-platform game, but what’s catching most peoples eyes is the “Texture Quality” option, which reads as the following.

  • Ultra = 6GB or greater
  • High = 3GB or greater
  • Medium = 2GB or greater
  • Low = 1GB or greater

This is the requirements for texture qualities running at 1080p. Note that 6GB of VRAM isn’t required to run the game, just to use the best texture setting. Even to use the “Ultra” option, you need to download and install an entirely separate (but free) “Ultra HD Texture Pack”.

Do you think this is the normal progression of graphical requirements, or that this is a bit mad considering the latest cards GTX 900 series from Nvidia only supports 4GB of VRAM.