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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor declared Game of the Year at GDC Awards 2015

Shadow of Mordor: mean and green.

This year’s GDC Choice Awards handed out its highest honor - Game of the Year - to Monolith’s Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. 

The Lord of the Rings universe-set game has been doing well on the awards circuit - especially at DICE Awards in February where it grabbed eight gongs - but has frequently lost the top spot to various other titles. 

"I continue to be amazed by the diversity of games that we honored tonight, from AAA action titles like Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor to standout mobile games like Monument Valley," said Meggan Scavio, General Manager of the Game Developers Conference. "The games recognized tonight highlight that the video game industry is moving in bold new directions, and they can offer experiences that can be big, small, intimate, epic, unique, grand and compelling. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners."

Other PC games taking home awards are The Banner Saga and Stoic Studio for Best Debut, Alien: Isolation for Best Audio, Kentucky Route Zero: Act III for Best Narrative, Hearthstone for Best Design, and Elite: Dangerous for the Audience Award. Elite: Dangerous’ lead developer David Braben also took home the Pioneer Award. 

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Tovias avatarChaz avatar
Tovias Avatar
3 Years ago

It still baffles my mind that this game won awards for its writing and storytelling, even gameplay.

I mean, the Nemesis feature is amazing, but it's probably its only high points, everything else goes from average to outright mediocre. I just don't understand how they expect you to take awards seriously like this.

It's just like Dragon Age winning the game of the year when it was barely released, shit makes no sense.

Chaz Avatar
Chaz(1 day 17 hours played)
3 Years ago

If you look at the writing and storytelling from a traditional viewpoint, i.e. following the main plotline, cinematics, and all that jazz, then yeah, it's not just average but downright terrible. However when you consider the Orcs themselves, that weren't crucial to the storyline, but all of whom had the potential to gain distinct and varied personalities, then you can understand where the praise for writing comes from. They weren't randomly generated, they're picked from a seemingly large pool of written characters.

Tovias Avatar
3 Years ago

Even if you take in consideration the interaction of the orcs, which I agree where great, even more so their voice acting, that doesn't make the game deserving of this ammount of praise, much less when its main story is so god damn bland and awful. Hell, that's just speaking of the story, there is many aspects of the game that are outright terrible like the variety of scenary, repetitive combat and that last battle. If you can call it a battle...