Here’s when you can play Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Middle-earth: Shadow of War PC review orc stabbing

Middle-earth: Shadow of War releases tomorrow, October 10, so it’s time to start sharpening your blades, thinking through the skills you’ll be unlocking as Talion, and readying yourself to take on those hordes of orc. Here’s exactly when you can start building up your army in the name of the Bright Lord:

Ahead of tomorrow’s release, here’s our Middle-earth: Shadow of War PC review.

  • PST: 10:00
  • EST: 13:00
  • BST: 18:00
  • CEST: 19:00
  • ACT: 11:00, October 11

The easiest way to keep tabs on exactly how long it is until you can get into the game is through its Steam page. Remember, the estimate rounds down at the top of each hour – whether it’s 20:01 or 20:59, if midnight is go-time, it’ll say the game will unlock “in approximately three hours.”