Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Denuvo piracy protection was cracked in less than 24 hours

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s anti-tamper software has already been cracked. It took less than 24 hours after the game’s release to bypass the software.

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Denuvo is a software designed to limit online piracy, but is unpopular due to its online authentication. Some players also blame performance issues on the software, but Denuvo deny these claims.

Recently, the amount of time it’s taken for Denuvo products to be cracked is falling. Earlier this year, it took just ten days to Crack Mass Effect Andromeda, eight days for Sonic Mania, and just under a week for Resident Evil 7. In recent weeks, both FIFA 18 and Total War: Warhammer 2 were both cracked within ten hours of release.

This all comes alongside reports that Bethesda removed Denuvo’s protection from The Evil Within 2 before release. A Neogaf thread suggests “it looks like the game doesn’t contain any Denuvo files,” despite previous confirmation that the game would use the software.