Middle-earth: Shadow of War's free updates include a higher difficulty and orc fighting pits

Shadow of War Mordor

Warner Bros. have announced their free update schedule for Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Over the next two weeks, players will get access to a handful of new features for free, as well as two new expansions.

Here's what you need to know about Middle-earth: Shadow of War's expansion pass.

The first wave of new content arrives on November 21. As well as the Slaughter Tribe expansion, players will get access to Endless Siege, a fortress defence mode, and Rebellion, which sows disobedience within the ranks of your own forces. There’s also a new, enhanced photo mode.

After that, there’s Online fight pits, where player’s Overlord orcs can face off against each other in a fight to the death for rewards and upgrades. There’s also a new ‘Brutal’ difficulty level, which offers no last chances. Those are available from November 21 and December 12, respectively. Warner Bros.’ press release says there’ll be more free content, which will likely arrive in early 2018.

On top of the free content, the game’s expansion pass kicks off from November 21 with Slaughter Tribe, who’ll be joined by Outlaw Tribe on December 12. Both expansions bring new tribes, missions, and fortresses to the game. Those will be followed up early next year by two story expansions. Blade of Galadriel arrives in February 2018, while Desolation of Mordor will be out in May.

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yukeh avatarAli Jones avatar
yukeh Avatar
yukeh(5 days 11 hours played)
1 Month ago

You keep calling out "free" updates and the PAID expansion pass constantly. Which is it? Are these updates actually free, or are they part of the expansion pass?

And where's this new difficulty you talk about? I see no details about any difficulty changes here - only new mini games.

Ali Jones Avatar
1 Month ago

The new content I mentioned in the second and third paragraphs is all free. That free content has been rolling out gradually since November 21, and the last bit (a new difficulty mode) will come out on Monday, December 12.

The final paragraph mentions the paid expansion pass, which includes two tribes and two upcoming story expansions (those will come out next year).

I mention the new difficulty mode in the third paragraph, where I say "There’s also a new ‘Brutal’ difficulty level, which offers no last chances [...] available from December 12."