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Watch Talion brutalize some orcs in this skill tree spotlight for Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

As part of their month long preview of Middle Earth: Shadow of War, IGN have released a special skill-tree walkthrough, showing off some of the new skills Talion and Celebrimbor have in their arsenal for this sequel. Focusing on the Predator skill tree, this ability showcase displays how players can now augment their powers with special sub-upgrades.

For eager Uruks, here’s everything we know about Middle Earth: Shadow of War.

The Predator skill tree is all about killing orcs as quietly and quickly as possible, so you can imagine most of the abilities are based around stealth kills and improving Talion’s mobility. For example, Elven Mobility is an ability from Shadow of Mordor, where Talion could get a quick boost of speed whenever he climbed or vaulted over an object. If players want to further enhance the ability, they can pick the Spectral Dash upgrade, which allows Talion to dash short distances at the cost of some Focus.

Talion can still poison grog barrels in Shadow of War, but the Poison Tendril ability now allows him to do it at range via a toxic-tipped arrow. For some extra fun, the Contagion upgrade causes orcs to go berserk once they take a sip of grog, spreading the poison to any friendly orcs they wound in their frenzy. If all else fails, you can always blow up the grog barrel and put the orcs out of their misery.

As for brand new skills, one of the later abilities in the Predator skill tree is Deadly Spectre. This ability now cause Celebrimbor to lie in wait when you try to attract an enemy. When an enemy comes into range, the Wraith will then spring into action and most likely chop a poor orc’s head off. You can no doubt set up some vicious traps by placing one of these spectres down, and then ambushing any orcs investigating their friend’s sudden beheading.

Expect more walkthroughs of Talion and Celebrimbor’s new found skills in the coming months, as Shadow of War’s August release date approaches.