Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s endgame turns the table on Talion


Details ont Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s endgame have emerged. A video from Eurogamer details ‘The Shadow Wars’, a series of missions that take place after the events of the game’s main campaign.

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Having taken all of the lands and fortresses of Mordor from Sauron in the events of Shadow of War’s story missions, it’s now Sauron’s turn to try to take them back. The Shadow Wars missions see you take on the role of defender rather than attacker, and it’ll be your job to repel the advancing hordes of orc who want to take your fortress from you.

Shadow Wars is definitely intended to provide a challenge. Instead of allowing you to take capture points one-by-one, the new game mode requires you to hold them, pretty much all at once. Lose too much ground, or get killed, and you’ll lose your control of the fortress and the region it’s found in. The orc you left in charge as Overlord will be taken prisoner, so you’ll have to rescue him, and you’ll have to mount a fresh assault on your newly-promoted foe if you want to progress.

Shadow Wars isn’t infinite, but it’s a lot better than the almost non-existent endgame provided in Shadow of Mordor. If you can survive through the increasingly difficult assaults, you’ll also unlock a final ending that ties the events of Shadow of War to those of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. You can find out more about how Shadow of War’s multiplayer fortresses will work here.