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Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Dark Tribe DLC features some very sneaky orcs

The Dark Tribe

Monolith is get their own take on Assassin’s Creed on in a new trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Dark Tribe DLC. The super-sneaky trailer features four orc champions doing a lot of hiding behind trees.


Forthog Orc-Slayer is Shadow of War DLC dedicated to the memory of Monolith’s executive producer.

The trailer starts with an unwitting orc wandering into a trap laid by the Dark Tribe, who seem to be an elite squad of orc assassins with some unique kit. The trailer shows them using a bear trap, an ability which allows them to blink behind enemies, a crossbow, and some very edgy daggers.

What’s slightly more ambiguous is how The Dark Tribe fit into the story. They do kill a lot of orcs, and there’s no sign of Talion or Celebrimbor, but given that Shadow of War tasks you with forming your very own orc army, that in itself doesn’t really answer a lot of questions.

Either way, this is one of my favourite Shadow of War trailers so far – there’s something about orcs hiding clumsily behind trees that’s both exciting and amusing in equal measure. That’s quite a feat, given that there are an awful lot of trailers for the game already, the most recent of which hears from orcs on the front lines.

The Dark Tribe will release alongside Middle-earth: Shadow of War on October 10.