Might and Magic X Legacy now available through Early Access


The tenth Might and Magic game – Legacy – is now available for you to play through Steam Early Access. An unpolished, still-in-development version of the turn-based RPG has been released on the platform, as well as through the UPlay shop. 

The early version of Legacy features the first of the game’s four acts, and allows you to play as four of the game’s final twelve classes.

The Steam Early Access edition will set you back £19.99, and access to the game will continue through its development leading up to the final release. For the same money on UPlay you can get the Deluxe Edition boxed copy, which will give you early access now, and ship you a physical copy full of exclusive special edition bits like a cloth map when the game releases in full.

Ubisoft have outlined the kind of responses they’re looking for from the early access over on Legacy’s website. It’s the usual stuff such as balancing issues, signposting, playtime averages and the general ‘feel’ of the game. There’s also an amusing section dictating what kind of feedback they don’t want, including “Visual feedback like “It doesn´t look like Skyrim”” and “I want free movement, I want ArcoMage, I want real-time combat, I want to fly, I want Sci-fi, etc.”

If you fancy getting in on Legacy at this early stage, you need only take twenty of your best pounts over to Steam or UPlay now. And if you do, let us know on the forums what you think of it.