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Ubisoft “investigating all available options” on Might & Magic X: Legacy server shutdown issue

"We unfortunately encountered an unexpected issue with this title"

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Ubisoft has removed Might & Magic X: Legacy from sale on Steam following a server shutdown last month that many players reported left the game unplayable past Act 1 – including significant parts of Legacy’s DLC content, which it seemed were also affected. However, Ubisoft has now told us that it’s “currently investigating all available options and will keep players informed as we can share more” on this.

“We are constantly assessing what’s needed to deliver the best possible experience for our players,” a Ubisoft spokesperson tells us in a statement. “On June 1, we shut down various services for several legacy games on PC, including for Might & Magic X: Legacy, as they could no longer meet our security standards.

“During that process, we unfortunately encountered an unexpected issue with this title, preventing new and returning players to access the game and its DLCs. We are currently investigating all available options and will keep players informed as we can share more. In the meantime, we made the decision to remove Might & Magic X: Legacy from sale until further notice.”

Earlier this year, Might & Magic X: Legacy was added to a list of older Ubisoft games that would have their online services shut down on June 1, along with Far Cry 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, and Assassin’s Creed 2. While the server shutdown doesn’t appear to have proved a problem for those games, Might & Magic X was hit hard, seemingly only allowing players to complete Act 1 before kicking them out of the game. Furthermore, it appears any DLC or unlockable extra content that required an online connection to activate were also impacted.

A Ubisoft representative replied to concerns in the game’s Steam forum last week, confirming that the studio was “aware that this will prevent you from accessing any unlockable extra content that was available with the game originally” and also that “you are unable to progress past Act 1 of the game, because of an activation needed”.

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The dev explained at the time that it was “busy investigating a possible solution and will do our best to update you when we hear back from the Might and Magic team.” Might & Magic X: Legacy was additionally pulled from sale on Steam, “at the request of the publisher”, as the store page says.

While it’s not clear if Might & Magic X: Legacy will be coming back to the store for sale, the good news is Ubisoft is looking into all of the available options so we could potentially see it return at some point, depending on what’s possible. And it sounds like the team will keep players informed of any updates on this, so keep a weather eye on the studio’s and game’s channels if you’re keen to hear about these.