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Might & Magic X is now in open development, you can help create a dungeon


Limbic Entertainment has started ‘open development’ on Might & Magic X Legacy. “What is open development?” I hear you cry. Well, it means that you can have your say in the design of one of the game’s dungeons. A game developed for the players, with the players, so reads the official words. Time to strap on your helmet of Dungeon Design +10.

Publisher Ubisoft explains that in the open development phase “players will be able to join the game development, discuss game features with the developers & other gamers, and participate in the creation of a unique dungeon, by voting every week and bringing in their own ideas.”

Might & Magic X Legacy is taking things back to the days when you were much younger (or quite possibly not even born) and full of wonder, with a solo turn-based RPG. It’s using the much beloved tile-based movement system, more recently seen used to great effect in Legend of Grimlock. It looks like the Might & Magic boys are looking to retake their crown in that arena, and you could be part of that quest for glory by helping out in the design work. Simply head over to the Might & Magic X website and join the open development team. Unfortunately we don’t think this counts as a ‘Game Developer’ addition to your CV.