It’s mega, man: Might No. 9 footage shows colourful boss battles

mighty no 9 comcept

While Mega Man may be sat chained up in Capcom’s basement, running about in a hamster wheel that powers the lights in the marketing department, Koji Imaeda is hard at work on his spiritual successor to the series, Mighty No. 9.

The Kickstarter ended in October, 2013 and we’re starting to see some footage of the platformer in action.

It’s only a short clip but it expands on the first look of stages 2 and 5 we were given last month. As you can see, Mighty No. 9 is going to be about precise control and racing through levels to build the biggest combo you can muster. You’ll be running, jumping, shooting, and transforming your way through Mighty No. 9’s eight stages, lifting powers from beaten bosses and baddies, all in a 2.5D setting.

The ‘Systems Ready. Go’ splash screen that flashes up at the start of the level was a phrase decided by the backers. It may not seem like much but as something you’ll be seeing many, many times during Mighty No. 9, it’s a nice nod to the people who made its development possible.

Comcept still have another year of development to go between now and release but, even this early on, it’s looking to be ticking the boxes of a modern-day Mega Man successor.