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If Quentin Tarantino made a game it would look like this


If you like your videogames crammed with car chases, knife fights, and criminal ballers, then Milanoir says hello. It’s an action game set in the city of Milan and inspired by Italian crime movies from the 1970s, the kinds you’ll hear Quentin Tarantino banging on about, and it’s coming to PC later this year.

Maybe Milanoir will be another contender for our 15 best indie games on PC list.

In Milanoir – which I guess is a portmanteau of Milan and noir? – you’ll play as a convict called Piero. Things kick off as you’re released from prison and looking for the sucker who framed you.

As you wander the streets, bopping to the 1970’s funk music that makes up the soundtrack, you’ll be on the lookout for clues while dodging attacks from the people who want you dead. You’ll be able to shoot guns, choke people, sneak through buildings, and get away in intense car chases.

If the trailer above is anything to go by, Milanoir’s creators know what they’re doing, as they’re able to ape the style of those Italian mobster films pretty damn well. And can we take a moment to appreciate the guy who’s threatening everyone around him with a knife, sputtering the line “Come and get me, you bastards!” Great stuff.

Oh, and this isn’t only a single-player game. It will also support local co-op so you can stalk the streets of Milan with a mate. There’s also mention of an Arena Mode, which seems to be all about surviving an onslaught of bastards by stabbing them to death. As you do.

Look out for more updates on Milanoir over on its website. The game will also be at E3 next week so we’ll be getting our bloodsoaked hands on it to bring you impressions.