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Huge new 4X game and Civilization 6 rival extends demo, so try it now

Millennia, a new twist on Civilization from the publisher behind strategy hits like Stellaris and Crusader Kings, extends its Steam demo.

New Civilization 6 style 4X game extends demo: An ancient king wearing a crown from Paradox Interactive's Millennia.

Millennia, an upcoming 4X game, has one of the most exciting demos to be featured in Steam’s Next Fest. Created by C Prompt Games and published by Paradox Interactive, the same company that put out strategy favorites like Crusader Kings 3 and Stellaris alongside simulation games like Cities Skylines 2, Millennia looks to be one of the few real competitors to the Civilization series out there. Luckily for anyone looking to give it a shot for themselves, the game’s demo will be available a little longer than originally planned.

Millennia‘s take on 4X games sees players working to create and manage their own historically inspired nation and guide it to success over, well, millennia. Like Civilization, it starts out with Stone Age settlements and moves forward through the eons until current and futuristic technology – as well as fantastical tweaks to real devices and industries – transform the shape of the world.

Unlike Paradox Interactive’s fussier, more granular grand strategy games, Millennia looks to follow in the footsteps of Civilization, modeling its approach on the broader look at nation building featured in the famous 4X series. Its alternate history approach, which sees eras of the real past tweaked so they spiral out into new versions of our world, adds a novel spin on the formula as well.

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You can give Millennia a look by checking out its Steam demo right here. The trial will be available until Monday February 19 and the game’s launch date is only described as ‘Coming Soon.’

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