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The Miller Rapport episode three: you’re completely wrong about Overwatch, and it makes Miller angry


Don’t make Miller angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Actually, you probably wouldn’t like him when he’s happy, sad, or a bit jetlagged either, because you’re a nerd and his biceps look like multi-buy packs of normal-size biceps. The two of you were just never going to get on. Especially not with those positive views you dare to harbour about Overwatch.

While his enormous back’s turned, check out the other best games of 2016 that keep Overwatch company. 

The modes. The maps. The lack thereof. The painfully slow movement speed. A character on rollerblades. The fact that it offers tank characters, and everybody doesn’t exclusively play as tanks. The fact it’s a multiplayer game. That’s right, no glaring oversight or shortcoming in Blizzard’s online shooter escapes the steely scrutiny of Simon Miller in episode three of The Miller Rapport.

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