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ComputerCraft used to create art through science in Minecraft

Notch portrait

ComputerCraft is the incredible mod that allows you to create computers and turtle robots in Minecraft. We’ve seen some mind-bending projects created with ComputerCraft, but this latest result is something altogether more Van Gough. Redditor Mattijv has used a ComputerCraft turtle robot to build an artistic masterpiece. 

Minecraft portrait

ComputerCraft’s creator Dan200 alerted us all to Mattijv’s achievements on Twitter. The experiment came to Mattijv after he realised that the Compressed Cobblestone blocks from Extra Utilities could be set to one of nine different shades of grey, making for a potential grayscale gradient. Using Notch as his muse, he decided to construct a portrait for the famed Minecraft creator using Cobblestones. Rather than do it himself though, he transformed an image of Notch into a set of text instructions and fed them into a turtle robot in Minecraft. Three hours later, the automated turtle had constructed a magnificent tribute to Mr. Persson.

Mattijv didn’t stop there though. With success only comes more ambition, and Mattijv began to look for methods to create colour images. The Thermal Expansion’s Glowstone Illuminators were the answer. Using ComputerCraft he could dictate what colour the Glowstones lit up, and soon his title had created a fabulous monument.

You can check out the whole of Mattijv’s story at his Imgur blog, which delves into a little more detail should you wish to take on such a project yourself.

Edit: This story originally attributed Dan200 as the creator of the portraits. Thanks to a message from Dan200 though, we have been able to correctly name Mattijv as the person responsible for these works of art.