Donkey Kong comes to Minecraft in this crafty custom map


You can now experience the arcade classic Donkey Kong, including its introductory cut scene, by playing this novel Minecraft map and climbing your way towards Pauline, the damsel in distress. To play it you’ll need the latest Minecraft snapshot, version 13w06a, and you may notice a few minor deviations between the original game and this re-imagining.

You’re no longer avoiding falling barrels, for example. Instead, they’re now pigs in minecarts.

They’re actually spawner minecarts and to simulate a deadly collision with a barrel, touching one of these minecarts will spawn splash potions of Harming 10, something that will certainly put an end to you. Here’s a video of the map in action:

It’s the work of mapmaker sethbling, who is behind a host of impressive Minecraft experiments such as this Magic 8 Ball (which makes a terrifying noise) and this Back to the Future minecart.

Should you need to grab a copy of the latest snapshot, you can find it on Mojang’s site here and if you’ve never tried one before, we have our own Minecraft snapshot guide which explains all that you need to do.