Firefall’s Red 5 Studios adapt PSY’s Gentleman for the Minecraft generation


If you’re one of the nearly 334,000,000 to have watched South Korean pop culture subversionist PSY’s new video, you’ll have seen him being very rude indeed – pulling chairs from beneath unexpecting ladies and laughing uproariously at the inevitable results. I’ve half a mind to claim that he’s no gentleman at all. In fact, he seems to have been recognised as a kindred spirit by what we might delicately call the deconstructive class of Minecraft – the griefers.

The video comes courtesy of Red 5 Studios, whose Firefall we cover on a fairly regular basis. In a way, it’s a shame that their MMO shooter isn’t really the stuff of cutscenes – there’s more than a modicum of directorial talent on show here:

This is going to become a validatory anthem for the likes of 2b2t, isn’t it? As if they need the encouragement.

Thanks, Destructoid.