Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing lives in Minecraft


Humankind has outdone itself, somehow rendering fictional backstabland Kings Landing in more exquisite form than it appears in the Game of Thrones opening credits. From the Red Keep, home of Westeros’ famously iron seat of power, to the collapsed Dragonpit, former home to the Targaryen’s favourite lizards – a committed team has recreated the whole thing in Minecraft’s creative mode. See the highlights below.

What followsis the handiwork of the 100-odd strong team behind WesterosCraft. It’s the sprawl of the city streets that gets me. Intricate, non-uniform and clearly highly flammable, like the human psyche. Take a look…

One of Kings Landing’s most prominent features is the Red Keep, overlooking the harbour. It’s home to the royality of the seven kingdoms, where it sits upon Aegon’s Hill. Fun fact: It was constructed during the reign of Maegor I, who killed everyone who worked on the castle to preserve its secrets.

The Great Sept of Baelor is the iconic center of the Faith of the Seven and the seat of the High Septon. A place of worship to those who still believe in the Seven Gods, it can hold hundreds of people during religious events. The royal tombs are also located here, where Kings are laid to rest.

The surrounding areas of Kings Landing is mainly made up of farm land to feed it’s population. At times of war the peasents will run to the gates for protection, as their crops are great targets for burning. Tournaments are also held outside the walls amongst the Gold Cloaks.

The Dragonpit housed the Targaryens dragons in this huge domed building. Now in ruins, it’s bronze doors have been sealed for over a century since the last dragon died.

Kings Landing is a huge city, estimated to have a population of around 500,000 people. Due to this however, large portions of the city are slums, which makes the city seem less lavish when compared to others.

The religious belief in the number seven led to seven gates being built as entrances to the city. The Dragon Gate, Lion Gate, Old Gate, River Gate, King’s Gate, Iron Gate and the Gate of the Gods.

Flea Bottom is the slums of Kings Landing, packed full of vagrants. It regularly smells of pigsties and stables, the alleys filled with makeshift stores. You can buy the famous ‘bowl o’brown’ here, the famous dish served to all of the poor residents.