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Herobrine’s Mansion proves a big, big hit with Minecraft community


Hallowe’en horrors continue in this Minecraft adventure map, which lets players explore the home of the infamous Minecraft ghost, a property that turns out to be particularly unpleasant. Watch out for spiders, skeletons and secret passages. Click through for a dramatic video with dramatic music.

The map, which requires no mods or additional downloads, features six different boss battles, customised enemies and makes use of the game’s new command blocks.

Will this be the last hurrah for the explosion of hallowe’en-related Minecraft content? Far from it, I bet. For many people around the world, this is still a special sort of holiday season, though here in the UK we’re all wrapped up in our firework displays. If anyone has any firework-related maps or mods, do send them my way, though be warned that I once burned down an entire forest on my multiplayer Minecraft server using just one spark. I had a little explaining to do.

Anyway! Thanks to the Minecraft Forums, who’re very excited indeed about this.