Minecraft infinite water is only one block away with this tip

One redditor has you covered with a new tip if you're looking for the secret behind creating infinite water in Minecraft to do things like a run a farm

Minecraft infinite water: a Minecraft cave filled with water and moss

Figuring out how to make Minecraft infinite water as early as possible is a great way to make farming easier. It means you can easily create obsidian when you find lava, make rivers to travel down, and even construct elevators. You can also use water to help automate farming, so there’s really no shortage of uses for water in the chill building game.

One redditor has gifted us all with an effortless way to solve our water needs thanks to a unique interaction between bonemeal and water blocks. They simply dig a little hole, place the water above it, and then use bonemeal to create kelp. Doing this turns all of the flowing water blocks into normal water blocks. All you have to do then is use your bucket to collect the new water blocks, and you’re golden.

You can do whatever you want with it at this point too, because you’ve essentially created water from nothing, which means there are no risks in messing about with it as you see fit.

It all works, as IcePopcorn explains, because of the same mechanic that is “used to make bubble elevators,” which involves using kelp to transform the water blocks into a water source. You just plop the kelp in an underwater place that’s not a source water block to convert it. That’s not really how water works in the real world, but thankfully, Minecraft isn’t the real world.

How To Make an Infinite Water Source From 1 Block from Minecraft

There’s been a slew of helpful discoveries on the Minecraft subreddit recently, with both this and the joy of silent lava being near the top of our list of personal favourites. Of course, there are also a bunch of cool Minecraft hacks coming from YouTube too, with one video recently being a smorgasbord of excellent pointers for more established players.

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