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Investigation: Who’s more terrifying in Minecraft: Nick Cage or Matt Damon?


It’s a serious question and one we’ve all asked ourselves many times over. Finally, thanks to the efforts of resourceful redditor skybike, we now know exactly how Minecraft would look if it was packed full of Nicholas Cage. Here’s skybike’s research on the subject.

It’s quite the day for Minecraft stories, isn’t it? This is, without doubt, the most important of the lot.

However, I’m forced to conclude that it’s not quite as terrifying as a Minecraft made almost entirely of Matt Damon. Why not? Well, this is what a Minecraft made almost entirely of Matt Damon looks like:

Yep, there you go.

It’s quite different, I’m sure you’ll agree, being horror of an entirely different order of magnitude. Anyway, if any of you want me, I’ll be up to my usual tricks, playing Minecraft while dressed as Psy.