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Jens ‘Jeb’ Bergensten is an IGF judge this year


Submissions for the Independent Games Festival 2013 have been open for, ooo, two-and-a-half months now. Soon, they’ll be turned over to a cabal of developers, journalists and assorted experts for judgement. And it turns out that one of those shadowy council figures will sport a familiar orange beard.

“Been assigned to judge games for the Independent Games Festival again,” said Jeb via Twitter.

Ever the programmer, he added: “They’ve really upped the judging backend this year!”

$60,000 in prize money shimmers away, just out of reach. Half of that total will leave with the winner of the Seamus McNally Grand Prize. In the past, Grand Prize winners have included Monaco, Darwinia and Jeb’s own Minecraft.

Notably, this year sees the initiation of a new rule – previous winners can no longer enter with a new build of the same game, unfinished or no. 2012’s Festival saw much controversy when Fez came out on top, despite having already won an award four years earlier.

What sort of games-changing indie masterpiece would you like to see emerge from the IGF this year?