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Maze from The Shining recreated in Minecraft… but the hotel can’t be


This gigantic labyrinth was created by reddit user Chris-P and though he’s flying above the maze to take this picture, he claims he built it in survival mode. That’s impressive if it’s true. Click through for a download link.

You can grab a copy of the maze here and run around it with an axe, but don’t hold you breath for an Overlook Hotel to go with it, because the layout of the building makes no sense and is impossible to model.

No, seriously. Check out the original thread on Reddit for an explanation of how the film features doors that lead nowhere and windows that shouldn’t be there, along with links to sites that study these structural anomalies in great detail. Even the shot that the redditor has used to model their maze is a strange one, since the maze is never shown to be that enormous in any other scene.

Creepy stuff, eh?