Minecon to be held in Europe this year


The Official Minecon is coming back for a second year, moving from the neon lit debauchery of Las Vegas to somewhere in Europe, which is quite a bit closer to Mojang itself, based in Sweden, but also anyone who also happens to live within the European continent. Crazy. This is all according to a blog post on the Mojang site, which, unfortunately, doesn’t give a whole lot more in terms of information. But there’s a few tidbits.

It confirms that Minecon will be this year, which, as we’re halfway through, was bound to be a concern, and while the date and location are still up in the air, information should be coming very soon as there are secret meetings and so on already in motion. Hopefully it’ll be in the UK so that we don’t have to get up very early in the morning to get on a plane.
So it’s probably about time you started hoarding cardboard boxes, stocking up on green paint and worked on your Hiss, because that Creeper outfit isn’t going to build itself. Either that or rob a few jewellers so that you can have a properly authentic Diamond pickaxe.
(PCGamesN does not endorse the robbing of banks/jewellers/pawn shops in an effort to create a Diamond Pickaxe, or any other cosplay related requirements.)