Minecraft 1.4.7 is out now, client-side update fixes several crashes


Your Minecraft client should start updating very soon and it won’t take long, either. Version 1.4.7 is a modest patch that addresses a number of crashes (particularly upon joining servers), but server admins won’t need to update as Mojang say that 1.4.7 clients are compatible with 1.4.6 servers. Click through for the notes on this brief but important patch.

Minecraft 1.4.7 has…

  • Fixed a crash related to joining a server, leaving it, then trying to connect to another.
  • Fixed a crash when arrows are fired from dispensers.
  • Fixed a multiplayer crash when using fireworks without a fireworks star.
  • Fixed a long timeout when checking SRV records.
  • Fixed a formatting problem with bold text.