Minecraft developers show off new comparators and daylight detectors


Tweets from both Dinnerbone and Jeb have shown the forthcoming comparators and daylight detectors as they might be used in game. The new redstone devices, coming in version 1.5, were discussed at Minecon last year and it looks like Mojang have spent at least some of their holiday period working on these.

The daylight detector does exactly what you’d expect, providing power output according to the strength of the daylight that it receives, while the comparator can be configured to give an output that is dependent upon the strength of two different redstone inputs. The daylight detector is shown above, while the comparator looks something like this:

When input A is greater than input B, Dinnerbone explains, the comparator can either either repeat signal
A at its present strength, or increase it to full strength. If input A is weaker than input B, the comparator will do nothing.

With today’s image, Dinnerbone showed how you might include a comparator as part of a binary adder, just in case you fancied using a game on your computer to make another computer:

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