This Minecraft machine takes the tedium out of fishing


I see clever new machines and exciting, elaborate constructions coming out of the Minecraft community all the time and I’m constantly inspired. But today I want to show you something I think is extra-special yet also remarkably simple, and it’s that simplicity that has impressed me.

A Minecrafter has modified a fishing machine made by one of his peers and, in doing so, has made what is usually a slightly tedious task into something that’s now quick and very, very easy. He’s also done it with a very economical design. He’s also, quite obviously, a kid.

Click through for the video.

The name of this YouTuber is RedstoneAdmiral and the original design that he has modified is this one.

If you have a YouTube account, I think you should visit the page for this video, add a Like and help make his day, because I’m impressed both by how uncomplicated his design is, but also how eloquent he is in describing how his modification works and what components you’ll need if you want to build your own. YouTube has plenty of fully-grown adults who can’t present or narrate a video half a well as this fellow does and they could certainly learn a few lessons from how smart, clear and coherent he is. This could well be a YouTube star in the making.

Kids today, eh? They think they’re so smart. And sometimes they are.