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Minecraft snapshot 13w36a introduces something new, but sssshh, it’s a secret


Click! Minecraft’s latest snapshot has been taken, developed, framed and subsequently reverse-3D printed into the game’s launcher. Mojang aren’t going to tell us what its new feature is, but if you find it’s not working, please do let them know.

“We’re keeping this one a secret for now,” writes man of Mojang Nathan Adams, “but please report anything that you think is not an intended feature to our bug tracker.”

In the new launcher, snapshots can be enabled by creating a new profile named ‘snapshots’ and checking the button marked ‘Enable experimental development snapshots’. Don’t worry: you’ll be able to switch back to common-or-garden Minecraft via the dropdown thingy in the bottom left corner in future. Once done, you can download the server files as either a Windows .exe or cross-platform .jar (both direct links).

“We strongly recommend that you don’t run the snapshots on an existing world if you want your landscape to stay pretty,” writes Adams. “You’ll get silly chunk borders and they don’t look pretty at all. I’d even go as far as to call them ugly.”

Oo-err. A full list of bugs fixed in 13w36a can be found below, though new ones will have inevitably and excitingly have surfaced as a result:

  • Chat concurrency issues
  • Mesa biome spawn
  • Server Console: Debug Messages? TranslatableComponent
  • Enchantments are not displayed on item’s tool tip / Enchantments do not work at all
  • Can’t obtain achievement “Beginning?”
  • Unable to take screenshot in GUI
  • Attacks show enchanted particles without enchanted weapons
  • When Eating Pufferfish/Salmon/Clownfish the Normal Fish particles appear
  • Sound Not Saving
  • Vanilla 13w36a find suspicious class
  • Typo in /achievement give
  • Wrong item shows up on the ‘Adventure Time’ achievement
  • commands.summon.outOfWorld
  • Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException
  • Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException

If you come across the New Thing before we do, will you tell us what it is?