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Minecraft snapshot 13w02a released, makes skeletons more deadly


This latest snapshot is a big one. It makes skeletons better shots, adds bloody dangerous TNT carts, improves the functionality of the new hopper and features quartz blocks. What are those? Well, click through and you’ll be able to see an exhaustive list of what’s new in this update.

And if you’ve never installed a snapshot before, don’t worry, we have a guide for just such a circumstance.

This list is courtesy of the ever-excellent redstonehelper on reddit.

  • Skeletons now shoot better.
  • Mobs can now display their custom name as nametag, with an NBT tag.
  • Activator rail added:
    • Can be used to trigger TNT Minecarts.
    • Must be powered by redstone.
    • Transmits power up to 8 rails in distance.
    • Crafting recipe.
  • Improved texture packs!
    • Textures now use one file per block or item, stitched together at runtime. Texture sizes don’t need to be consistent.
    • Any block and item can be animated by putting the frames underneath each other in the right .png. An optional .txt can specify frame order and duration.
    • Special rules apply for water, lava, the compass and the clock.
    • Existing texture packs will be converted.
    • Vanilla textures will be used where texture files are missing.
    • There is a converter to test out the new format.
  • Death messages have been improved:
  • Quartz blocks have been added:
  • A TNT cart is just waiting to cause trouble:
  • Improved naming (using the anvil) of containers and mob eggs:
    • Mobs can now have names.
    • Another screenshot.
    • Renaming containers now displays that name when they’re placed.
    • Renaming mob eggs will now give mobs spawned with it that name.
  • The trapped chest has apparently been improved:
    • It’s supposed to give off a redstone signal through walls, but this doesn’t seem to work.
  • The hopper has been improved:
    • It can now be controlled by redstone, power it to disable item forwarding.
    • It has a proper icon (like this).
    • It’s no longer treated as wood.
    • It has a new crafting recipe (source).
  • The comparator has been improved:
  • Language files have been updated:
    • Language files can now be updated via the background downloader without updating Minecraft itself.
  • Some other bugs have been fixed:
    • Fixed minecart sound getting stuck on long cart rides and getting choppy.
    • Fixed joining/updating servers taking very long.
    • Fixed clicking quickly in succession in GUIs ignoring clicks.
    • Fixed inactive detector rails giving redstone signals through solid blocks next to them.
    • Fixed an item duplication bug with the hopper.
    • Fixed cacti growing too fast.
    • Fixed byte reading code sometimes reading the wrong bytes.