Minecraft Snapshot 13w04a is out now, stops mobs playing on the tracks


One of the new features added in this snapshot is the fear that mobs feel around minecart tracks. That comes with a new scoreboard system, droppers and dispensers that can be rotated to face any direction and minecarts that can now carry mob spawners. That last one is going to be particularly good fun.

You can grab the new snapshot from Mojang’s site here. As usual, let me remind you that we have a guide to trying out these pre-release snapshots, if you’re not quite sure what it is you need to do. Now, click through for a more comprehensive list of the changes and bug fixes.

This list of changes is thanks to the hard work of the tireless redstonehelper over on reddit, who always provides excellent rundowns.

  • Renamed command blocks now use their name instead of @ in the chat
  • Improved bonemeal
    • No longer gives instant growth – Instead, each use advances one growth stage: Seeds now need seven bonemeal, saplings need two
    • Gives off green particles when used
  • Mobs are now scared of minecart tracks
  • Comparators can now be used with jukeboxes
  • A scoreboard/leaderboard has been added (“The unfinished part of the scoreboard is mostly the team mechanics” says Dinnerbone)
  • Double slabs work better
    • 43:8 will now be the “smooth double slab” and will remain so
    • If the top bit is set, the top texture will be used on all sides, also allowing for smooth sandstone blocks (43:9)
  • Dispensers have been improved
    • Added more behavior
    • They now activate TNT
    • They now equip armour automatically
    • They now use bonemeal
    • They now use flint and steel
  • Dispensers and droppers can now face all 6 directions
  • Minecarts are able to carry more blocks
    • Like this
    • Includes mob spawners and dispensers
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs:
    • Fixed a few block-update related issues
    • Fixed some retracted pistons still having an extended arm
    • Fixed flowing water still dragging flying players
    • Fixed chests appearing open when they are actually closed
    • Fixed achievements not surviving updates
    • Fixed breeding cows and possibly other animals being able to consume more than one of the item used to breed the animals
    • Fixed boats and minecarts dropping when broken in creative mode
    • Fixed many armor enchantments not working on mobs
    • Fixed certain new redstone output devices overwriting redstone wire signal strength with a lower signal strength
    • Fixed the hopper always trying to fill the first slot first, causing it to ignore other items if the first slot can’t be filled
    • Fixed variable redstone strength causing strange update behavior
    • Fixed certain blocks producing the wrong particle effects when they are run on, punched or broken
    • Fixed certain monostable Circuits only working in a North/South configuration when activated directly using a button
    • Fixed doors not mirroring their texture when placed the other way round
    • Fixed iron doors not updating properly when removing the redstone block powering them
    • Fixed hopper minecarts falling out of the world crashing the game
    • Fixed changing the texturepack ingame rendering stuff weirdly
    • Fixed hopper minecarts’ behavior regarding activator rails being backwards
    • Fixed using Pick Block on TNT carts and hopper carts giving normal minecarts
    • Fixed dispensers not spawning mobs with their name if the spawn egg has been renamed
    • Fixed dispensers not placing hopper minecarts on rails