Minecraft Snapshot 13w11a is out already, 1.5 now a distant memory


With the Redstone Update less than a day old, Mojang have already released their next development snapshot. It contains a handful of bug fixes, including one that addresses a recurring problem with unplacable paintings. Minecraft veterans might remember that one from a few years back.

Mojang have also shown off a rather unusual representation of the development of Minecraft, a sort of abstract visual chronicle of 800 days of coding.

It lets you watch Notch and Jeb as they start to shape and, I suppose, prune Minecraft’s code, before other members of the team step in to join them. It’s all represented as a glowing, slowly branching filament that the coders scurry around and about.

If you’d like to try the latest snapshot, you can download it here and if you’ve never tried running one before, we do have a rather helpful guide to installing Minecraft snapshots.

This cannily named snapshot 13w11a fixes bugs with…

  • The Ender Dragon griefing cobblestone and chests even when mobGriefing is set to false.
  • The hopper not trying to place items from other slots if it can’t from its first.
  • A white stitching on the edge of some polygons, or white lines between some blocks.
  • Enchanted books not combining.
  • Fire doesn’t appear on 8 layered snow and hoppers.
  • Objective titles can be offset if they’re too long.
  • Broken containers with Items connected that were connected to comparators did not update the comparator.
  • Falling blocks looked like they were falling from above their original placing.
  • Paintings that popped out couldn’t be re-placed.