Minecraft celebrates Stranger Things’ second season with an official skin pack

Minecraft Stranger Things

While I still prefer the more mod-friendly original Java version of Minecraft, I can’t deny that Microsoft and Mojang have gone all-in on supporting their revised and (admittedly) better-optimised newer iteration.

The latest addition to the enormously, industry-bendingly successful crafting and survival sandbox is merely another skin pack, although this one is kinda cool. They’re celebrating the return of faux-80s horror show Stranger Things with a big ol’ sack of character skins.

If you prefer your sandboxes a little less blocky, you’re spoilt for choice on PC.

The pack includes an impressively comprehensive set of fifty character models and skins encompassing almost all the major characters from both seasons of Stranger Things, along with their most iconic outfits, up to and including the Ghostbusters-themed costumes the kids are wearing for the second season.

They even go as far as giving the Demogorgon (an interdimensional horror that the protagonists name after a Dungeons & Dragons boss monster) two models, one with its horrible meat-flower face closed, and one with it splayed wide, ready to chew on some hapless child. Perhaps a little intense for the younger Minecraft fans?

While cosmetic items for games not usually my cup of tea, I must admit that they’ve priced this pack right at £2.50. You can pick it up inside the Windows 10-exclusive version of Minecraft, which now supports cross-platform play with a multitude of consoles.