Mojang’s Mojam begins tomorrow, and you can pick what they make


Last year’s Mojam was bloody brilliant, a weekend long thriller that had all the elements of a great story as first recorded by Aristotle – swarms of bugs, a race to the finish and a mortal threat to Notch’s beard. What’s more, the Mojang game that came out of it, named – deep sigh – Catacomb Snatch, was an properly accomplished, ludicrously polished rethinking of Minecraft’s colonisation schtick.

Good news, everyone: tomorrow, beginning at 6pm CEST and ending at midnight on Saturday, it’s happening again.

The other thing about Catacomb Snatch is that it was – deep breath – a steampunk Egyptian themed RTS shoot ’em up, which is what happens when you crowdsource your preproduction. If you’d like to help Mojang come up with a similarly silly concept, well – today’s the day. Pick two keywords from this list, and the jammers will “randomly pick from the highest-voted suggestions” for inspiration, whatever that means.

Who are the jammers, you might well ask? Last year’s contingent of Mojang chums, Wolfire and Oxeye, are back, to be joined by Grapefrukt, Ludosity and the uniformly wonderful Vlambeer.

Tomorrow, they’ll be split into teams and we’ll be able to ogle them all via livestreams. Donate to the two charities Mojang have picked for the event – Block by Block and the EFF – and you’ll get whatever comes out of the oven on Saturday for free.

I plumped for ‘madness’ and ‘swashbuckle’. You?