Oculus Rift assimilates Minecraft in Minecrift mod


What’s in a name? In this case, everything you need to know. Minecrift isn’t the localised Kiwi version of Mojang’s world-beater I first suspected it to be, but rather a portmanteau of ‘Minecraft’ and ‘Rift’, the VR headset which has been astounding us daily since Oculus began shipping out dev kits 42 days ago. Even in its infancy, the mod’s basic stereoscopics add tangible depth to a game already adept at providing moments of acute vertigo. Take a look.

Modder StellaArtois intends Minecrift to be a “kick up the arse” to Mojang, who first floated the idea of official Oculus Rift support for Minecraft back in August.

“As and when Minecraft officially supports the Rift, Minecrift development will probably cease,” says Stella. “Unless they make a complete hash of it.”

At the moment, Minecrift includes headtracking input and the correct stereo rendering parameters for 3D depth, though some users have reported problems with the former. In the future, Stella plans to update the mod with a fully-3D UI and a number of control schemes.

To install, you’ll need to be running vanilla Minecraft 1.5.2 on Windows. The mod requires Vista or above, and a graphics card capable of supporting OpenGL 3.3 minimum.

Check this forum post for detailed installation and setup instructions. And please tell us what it’s like!

Thanks, PC Gamer.