Pigs will (almost) fly: A couple of strange things in the latest Minecraft snapshot


With monsters now picking up and using items that they’ve found laying around, we’re now getting situations like this one, spotted by a reddit user. Sure, you can laugh, but this means the monsters are able to make themselves not only tougher, but also immune to the effects of sunlight. They’re getting smart. Too smart.

While it’s not quite flying, pigs can now jump while you’re riding them. Combine this with the burst of speed you can get from right-clicking and you can perform some pretty impressive pig stunts. Remember that you’ll need a carrot on a stick to be able to take control of them, and these carrots now have a durability meter, so be sure to take a supply with you.

What’s more, you can direct a pig you’re riding to climb stairs or even to propel a mine cart. That’s as long as you can get the pig to climb into the cart, anyway.

Don’t forget that there’s also pumpkin pie to be enjoyed, in plenty of time for Hallowe’en. Here’s how:

As ever, if you’re not sure how to try out the latest Minecraft snapshot, I refer you to our guide here.

Thanks to redditor IGame4Charity56, whose picture graces the head of this post.