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This Minecraft player built a working Tetris minigame

Minecraft Tetris anyone? Players continue to innovate in the building game and this Minecraft player made the block-decimating puzzle classic, Tetris

It's Minecraft Tetris with Among Us blocks, of course

It’s inspired countless building game imitators, but now this Minecraft player has taken inspiration from another oft-copied game – and built a fully-functioning Minecraft Tetris minigame, with a few twists.

That’s right; the frustratingly talented Fundy – who you may remember for coding a slightly terrifying Pac-Man into the sandbox game – decided to build their interpretation of one of the best puzzle games of all time in Minecraft, just because they can. Actually, to be fair, it’s apparently a suggestion from a viewer, but still, it’s hard not to see these things as flexes. Of course, as was the case with Pac-Man, this isn’t Tetris as you know it.

Fundy goes into great detail about just how much effort this takes. Even on just a basic level, Fundy has to make a version of each block to represent the rotations they could make, which meant four builds for each block they wanted – including pieces based on Among Us characters. They even managed to get it all working via a few little buttons, and the pièce de résistance is the fact that the lines even disappear when they’re completed.

Fundy then imposed their will upon Tetris by splitting the buttons up, introducing multiplayer into the mix, and literally throwing a player onto the board and challenging them to survive. Different players control different aspects of movement, and the player on the board has to try and platform their way up to try and hit a special button. It’s very funny to watch, and you can check it out below.

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