Threadless will pay $3,000 for Minecraft T-shirt designs


Purveyors of fine T-shirtery, Threadless have announced a competition to scour the land for the best Minecraft T-shirt designs. In return the company will furnish the winners with $3,000 to line their pockets, an all expenses paid trip the Paris-based Minecraft convention which also just happens to be at Disneyland. Oh, and also $500 to spend in their store.

Details on how to enter below.

The competition is endorsed by Mojang, though Threadless do still ask that “As always, please do not use logos in your submission. Bring your design to life using characters, tools, blocks, or stuff from the game and your good ole’ imagination.”

There are three winners slots and their work will be purchaseable at MineCon in Novemeber. After that, they’ll appear on the site in January.

If you aren’t familiar with Threadless let me point you to this, this, and this by way of an introduction.

The competition page can be found yonder.