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Towering: Minecraft is now the third best-selling PC game of all time

Minecraft Scrooge McDuck Money Bin

Powering past almost all competition, Minecraft has become a unstoppable beast with its eye on the crowning achievement of ‘best-selling PC game ever’. It still needs to flog a few more million copies to get there, but it’s now eclipsed even the might of World of Warcraft. 

The pivotal moment happened yesterday, when Mojang’s statistic page clocked in a monumental 14.1 million sales. At current the number is within the 14,180,690 range, and growing every hour. Today alone, 12,785 people cashed in real money for Minecraft product. 

World of Warcraft’s total sales to date sit at around the 14 million mark, but with less sales drive behind the aging MMO, Minecraft will undoubtedly cast a long shadow over that figure in the coming months. Mojang’s next target to beat is The Sims, which amassed 16 million sales during its heyday. And to grab the number one slot, Minecraft has to top the 20 million sales claimed by The Sims 2. 

Easy, surely?

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urgelt avatarellierys avatar
urgelt Avatar
4 Years ago

I'm almost sure I saw articles on the net just recently reporting that Skyrim had sold about 20 million copies.

But that included console sales, I'm sure. So I don't know how it compares to Minecraft.

ellierys Avatar
4 Years ago


Did you forget Diablo III and his 15 million units ?