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Want your Minecraft games to be full of bees? The Forestry mod makes it possible


There’s actually a great deal more to the Forestry mod than this, but you’ve got to forgive me for getting excited about bees. C’mon, bees! BEES! Click through for a picture of some bees.

Look at that! This mod has all of the bees, it has every bee, bees have been turned up to MAXIMUM.

Forestry is probably the most organic Minecraft mod out there and, as you might’ve guessed by its name, it’s heavily based around logging and also harvesting. The mod was created to make tree and wheat farming much easier and it also introduces peat, biogas engines and stills. It’s quite a complex piece of work and, while it has a lot to show off, I’m not going to post up pictures of everything here. Do you know why? Because bees. Bees is why.

You can find the Forestry wiki here, where you can download the mod and read get details on everything it contains, including all of the bees. Every single bee.

If you decide to download Forestry and try it out, do let us know in the comments below or via our Twitter feed. Bee seeing you.