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Terraria meets No Man’s Sky in new space survival game out right now

Minicology is a new indie space survival crafting game reminiscent of No Man's Sky and Terraria, and it's out on Steam right now.

Terraria meets No Man's Sky in new space survival game out right now: A cartoon astronaut in an orange flight suit, from Minicology.

Minicology is a survival game worth giving your attention. The debut game from Isaac Denner, it channels everything from Terraria and No Man’s Sky to Minecraft, Valheim, and even Super Mario Galaxy in its sci-fi spin on the crafting and survival genres. An enormously impressive work from an indie studio, Minicology has an eye catching look, a large universe to get lost in, and lots to do on each of its tiny planets. And it’s just launched on Steam today with a limited time discount.

Minicology‘s take on the survival game sees players assume the role of an astronaut who’s found themselves in a miniature universe filled with a selection of small, procedurally generated planets. To survive, the astronaut has to make a base in this dangerous terrain and both set up defenses to protect their home from attacks by enemies and set up farming, mining, and general terraforming operations. As they progress, they’ll also craft important items and equipment and build factories that can automate some of the work necessary to survive.

The game’s sandbox not only includes tower defense, crafting, and building, but combat, too. The astronaut can hunt for food and fight enemies, crafting weapons and armor, and also has to face off against eight boss battles. Unique events, like weather changes and meteor showers, will also pop up as the game unfolds.

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Minicology launched today on Steam and, to celebrate, it’s available at a 15% discount ($12.74 USD / £10.87) from now until next Wednesday May 2. Grab a copy right here.

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