Mirror’s Edge 2 trailer: “Faith is a projectile, when she does hit she hits hard and moves on.” | PCGamesN

Mirror’s Edge 2 trailer: “Faith is a projectile, when she does hit she hits hard and moves on.”

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Faith was tattooed right on the eyeball. She did it to make a point and the next Mirror’s Edge is EA exploring the point she’s making. And here’s me thinking you could do all that with a set of contact lenses.

At this year’s E3 DICE showed off some footage of the next Mirror’s Edge.

“Mirror’s Edge is about mastering the environments,” a nameless EA person says.

“We’ve had parkour artists come in they taught us a lot about the moves we have in the game and how we can expand on theses,” said another nameless one.

A third nameless leans in to add “We’re building on the first game in the moveset Faith has.”

At this point I’ve lost track of who said what but someone said: “A skilled player might find the quickest, fastest, the most rewarding path for them. a less skilled player might find a safer, longer route.”

Another added that “Faith is a projectile, when she does hit she hits quick, hard, and fast and moves on.”

There seems to be a disappointing focus on combat in the new Mirror's Edge but, fingers crossed, that's because it makes for a good trailer not because it's the only way to play.

E3 is a bit of a rush. Send help. And someone who can touchtype.

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unwanted avatarMctittles avatar
Mctittles Avatar
3 Years ago

I really enjoyed the combat and gun play in the first mirrors edge. It took awhile to get used to but once you get in a pattern of hit guy, grab gun, shoot far guy, drop gun, run; there is a beautiful rhythm to it all.

I really hope they keep this kind of combat where guns are just use once or twice and drop as I know it got a lot of negative feedback, but I think it was more on having to take time and learn a new way of interacting with guns instead of run-gun stuff.

unwanted Avatar
3 Years ago

It looks like they didn't turn this into a gritty shooter. I'm surprised.