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Mirror’s Edge 2 will be open world, says Frank Gibeau. Also, six new IPs not yet announced


Speaking to investors earlier today, President of EA Labels Frank Gibeau revealed that the next Mirror’s Edge game would be dropping the original’s linear level structure and opting for an open world instead.

He also hinted that the publisher had “five or six new IPs that are fully owned and we haven’t announced yet.” The coy bastard.

Gibeau referred to the Mirror’s Edge as an “open-world action adventure game,” though he didn’t expand on how that would feed into the game’s mechanics.

Opening up the world of Mirror’s Edge seems like a natural fit for the game that introduced the gaming masses to free-running. It’s a sport that’s all about exploring architectural space in new ways, finding routes that weren’t originally intended by a building’s designers. Guiding protagonist Faith about the dystopian city, developing familiar paths, and simply exploring the world that DICE are creating is a tantalising prospect; the original game was an odd mix of physical freedom but tight linear levels.

Also announced by Gibeau was the news that EA have “five or six” new IPs on the cards that they’ve yet to announce. These could be from new developers or from members of the familiar stable. It seems that EA are really pushing to freshen their portfolio.

This all gets a thumbs up from us.

Cheers, CVG.