Mirror’s Edge brought to life in parkour short


We’re all big fans of Mirror’s Edge at PCGamesN, but none of us are big enough fans to risk our bones in order to create a live-action tribute to the game and its upcoming sequel/reboot. There is one man who is such a fan though: Neil Cointe. Check out his awesome POV short film where he brings Mirror’s Edge to Cambridge. 

Dressed as Faith, Cointe pulls off some remarkable parkour stunts. Scaling churches, jumping from house to house, and diving down a flight of stairs are just some of the highlights. The architecture of the city may be more historic than the clean dystopia of the game, but everything else is perfect. It also demonstrates how right DICE got the feel of parkour, and the view of Faith’s body from first-person perspective.

Whilst we’re looking at great videogames-meet-parkour videos, take a look at this brilliant Assassin’s Creed one. It shows a glimpse at what the series’ modern-day sections should really be.