MLG, IEG and KeSPA announce a new super tournament, MVP


Major League Gaming, the International Esports Group and the Korean Esports Association have teamed together to create an invitational international mega-tournament for Starcraft 2, the MVP (MLG vs ProLeague). It’ll bring together 48 of the best players in SC2 right now, with 24 coming from the Korean ProLeague, along with 12 from the US and 6 from Europe. The final 6 will be from Korea and Taiwan, just not from the ProLeague.

They’ll be competing for a $10,000 prize pool, but the real prize is that the top eight positions all get a slot in the MLG Fall Championships in Dallas, along with all expenses paid to get there. The prize for 1st place is likely to be much bigger there, especially since the Summer Championship had a $25,000 grand prize.
The eight winners will be joining the winners of the online qualifiers to duke it out over the course of the tournament.