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Molyneux on 22 Cans Curiosity; “I promise you… it’s worth it.”


Games industry legend Peter Molyenux was talking about monetization at BAFTA last night and revealed plenty of stuff about 22 Cans new project Curiosity. He was very clear that he regards it as an experiment, not as a game, and that he hopes that no-one actually buys the $50,000 diamond-encrusted pick.

What is it?

“It’s utterly an experiment, it’s not supposed to be a product or a game. In a way it’s testing the morals of monetization.”

Why $50,000?

“I woke up one morning and thought $50,000. It was a number that was so high that I it was almost impossible anyone would use it but not so excessively high that it wasn’t utterly impossible.”

If someone bought the $50,000 chisel.

“I would be shocked. I would invest the money in the experience. There is only one because I didn’t think the world to think we were being greedy or making the ultimate DLC, or having to sell their children on the internet to afford to play the game. One diamond chisel is an amazing cheat for people. I wanted to see if anyone would do it. Already there’s a bunch of people forming a syndicate to buy it.”

“Apparently, there’s one person who plays World of Tanks who’s spent £500,000 upgrading his tank. I want to see that tank! So there are people out there who’ll spend that kind of money. For you it’s going to make you unique and different and enable you to do things that other people can’t do. I would be shocked though. “

Is it worth $50,000?

“I know what’s in the middle of the cube. I promise you… it’s worth it. Whatever one person gets to the middle of the cube, it is the most amazing thing. I promise you. I’m not (overpromising). It’s a big cube. “

What’s inside?

“Only one person will find out. Whether that one person goes on to tell the rest of the world… I just hope it’s not someone at 22Cans, as we’ll get into a fair amount of trouble.”