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Mondo Museum is a museum management game with Sims-like building tools

Build the exhibits of your dreams in 2020

The management sim genre has already covered a wide array of businesses, but there’s still room for more. Mondo Museum, as the title suggests, is all about curating a collection of historical artifacts and pleasing the people browsing your exhibitions. It’s also got a nifty-looking set of building tools that look straight out of one of the best management games on PC.

Seriously, maybe it’s just the arched window designs a deep brown wooden doors, but those tools are taking me straight back to the early days of the Sims. Mondo Museum puts a big emphasis on creative building, with options to switch out the floors, wallpaper, and decor in each room – and you’ll be able to share your museums on the Steam Workshop.

Those rooms will be populated by exhibits of your choice, ranging from dinosaur fossils to space artifacts. You’ll hire staff members like researchers, conservators, and docents (yes I had to look these up) to make sure your displays are well maintained and your guests are taken care of, and you’ll unlock access to new items as your museum grows in popularity.

Along the way, you’ll need to deal with the needs of VIPs or deal with, say, collapsing T-rex skeletons as part of in-game events.

You can check out a taste of the game in action through the trailer above.

Mondo Museum hits Steam Early Access next year. The developers are “aiming for six months to a year” after that launch before proper release, and it’ll get the expected round of new features during that time, including new types of exhibit items and the like.